https request get command and tasker and tinycam – A Comprehensive Guide


In the https request get command and tasker and tinycam -evolving world of technology, automation and remote surveillance have become integral parts of our lives. Tasker, a versatile automation app, and TinyCam, a powerful IP camera viewer, join forces to offer seamless control and monitoring of your IP cameras. One essential aspect of this integration is the HTTPS request GET command, which allows you to retrieve data from your cameras and trigger various actions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to harness the power of HTTPS requests with Tasker and TinyCam for effective surveillance and automation.

Understanding https request get command and tasker and tinycam

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) requests are a secure method of communication between a client (in this case, Tasker) and a server (your IP camera running TinyCam). The GET command, in particular, is used to retrieve data from the server. With Tasker, you can send HTTPS GET requests to your IP cameras via TinyCam, enabling you to fetch valuable information, control camera settings, and trigger tasks or profiles based on the received data.

Setting Up Tasker and https request get command and tasker and tinycam

Before you can make use of https request get command and tasker and tinycam requests with Tasker and TinyCam, you need to ensure proper integration. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Install Tasker and TinyCam: If you haven’t already, download and install Tasker and TinyCam from the Google Play Store on your Android https request get command and tasker and tinycam .
  • Configure TinyCam: Open TinyCam and set up your IP cameras. Make sure they are accessible and properly configured within the app.
  • Create HTTPS Request Task: In Tasker, create a new task. To do this, tap on the “+” button to add an action. Select “Net” and then “HTTP Get” to create an HTTPS GET request.
  • Configure HTTPS Request: In the HTTPS GET configuration, input the URL of your camera’s web server. You may need to specify the camera’s login credentials if required.
  • Process Response Data: Tasker allows you to process the data received from the HTTPS request. You can extract relevant information and trigger actions based on it.

Practical Applications of HTTPS Requests with Tasker and https request get command and tasker and tinycam

Now that you have set up the integration, let’s explore some practical applications:

  • Motion Detection Alerts: Configure your IP camera in TinyCam to detect motion. Use Tasker to send an HTTPS GET request to the camera’s motion detection URL. If motion is detected, Tasker can trigger an alert or notification.
  • Remote Camera Control: You can use HTTPS GET requests to adjust camera settings remotely. For example, change camera modes, adjust brightness, or enable night vision based on specific conditions.
  • Camera Status Check: Periodically query your camera’s status via HTTPS GET requests. If the camera goes offline, Tasker can alert you or takehttps request get command and tasker and tinycam predefined actions.
  • Automated Recording: Set up Tasker to send an HTTPS GET request to initiate or stop recording on your IP camera. This can be useful for scheduled recording sessions.
  • Custom Notifications: Customize notifications based on camera events. For example, receive notifications with snapshots when a camera detects motion.

FAQs About https request get command and tasker and tinycam Requests, Tasker, and TinyCam

  • Do I need a specific type of IP camera for this integration?
    • Tasker and TinyCam offer compatibility with a wide range of IP cameras. However, it’s essential to check if your specific camera model is supported by TinyCam.
  • Can I use HTTPS GET requests for multiple cameras with Tasker and TinyCam?
    • Yes, you can configure Tasker to send HTTPS GET requests to multiple cameras. Each camera would have its unique URL and settings within Tasker.
  • Are there security considerations when using HTTPS requests with Tasker and TinyCam?
    • Security is crucial when configuring HTTPS requests. Ensure that you use secure connections (HTTPS), and if required, use strong authentication credentials to access your cameras.
  • Can Tasker automate other actions based on HTTPS response data?
    • Yes, Tasker is highly versatile. You can automate a wide range of actions based on the data received from HTTPS requests, from sending notifications to controlling smart home devices.
  • Is Tasker available for iOS devices?
    • Tasker is primarily an Android app and may not be https request get command and tasker and tinycam for iOS devices. However, there are alternative automation apps for iOS.


The combination of HTTPS requests, Tasker, and TinyCam unlocks a world of possibilities for IP camera control and automation. Whether you want to enhance your surveillance capabilities, receive real-time alerts, or automate tasks based on camera events, this integration empowers you to do so with ease.

By understanding the fundamentals of HTTPS requests and configuring Tasker and TinyCam effectively, you can create a tailored and sophisticated surveillance and automation system that meets your specific needs. It’s time to take control of your IP cameras and make the most of the technology at your fingertip

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